Louise Venning

Nature's textures and depth of colour never ceases to amaze. 




Louise Venning (formerly Louise Lattimore) is a Cambridge, UK based accomplished artist in the field of Art, Visual Effects and Photography. Having graduated from Ravensbourne where she studied Graphic Design, she then went on to graduate 

with a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art.

Since taking some time away from the visual effects industry, Louise has concentrated her artistic flair on painting and experimenting with acrylics, resin and mixed media. She has sold paintings at the prestigious Affordable Art Fairs in Hampstead and Battersea and has pieces on display at The Darryl Nantais Gallery, Linton, Cambridge. 


Louise's work is inspired by life's little details, sunsets, sunrises, storms, landscapes and seascapes along with mother nature's textures and amazing depth of colour.


The canvas comes alive with bold colours that seem to have a 3D effect in her 'Colour Storm', 'Colour Creation' and 'Colour Fade' series. The 'Colour Patina' series shows beautiful, unusual layering of turquoise/green/pink patina of metals combined with eye catching colour. 

While attending the RCA she worked with graphic designers Vaughan Oliver (R.I.P) and Chris Bigg of v23 creating both print design and a video installation for 'This Rimy River - Graphic Works 1988 - 94' exhibition held at the 

Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles in 1994. 

Her artistic interests in motion design and vfx then took her into the area of Digital Visual Effects. 

Initially with a desire to create music promos, and then on to doing post production for commercials and ultimately movies.


Louise was part of the digital compositing team that helped create ground breaking and award winning vfx for films such as 'Black Hawk Down', Harry Potter 2' and then went on to win the Oscar for 'Best VFX in a Motion Picture', for their work on the Ridley Scott directed film 'Gladiator'. The first Oscar for VFX to be awarded to a company outside of the U.S.